Pre-Retreat Guide

We're so glad that you're coming to visit us in Thailand. Below, you'll find important information for you to download, read and print before you come.


Please print the health questionnaire, fill it in and bring it to the retreat. We need it for your health assessment when you arrive. If you have any allergies or intolerances, please let know.


Download your Health Class material (Mind-Body Health Guide and the O8 Mind Detox) for free until the first day of the retreat here.

During the stay we will offer daily classes, in which we use the Health Guides. You can bring them on a device or print them before departure. If you can start to read them before you come that’s great but not necessary.


-shoes for walking, hiking, running, or for lounging about
-clothes for yoga and exercise
-sun cream
-earplugs if you are sensitive to noises
-natural mosquito repellent
-the downloaded health guides and other materials
-light sweater for chilly mornings and for AC on bus in Thailand
-cash for extra massages if you wish, or for other purchases during your stay
-pen and paper to take notes-as many questions as you might have
-personal health or travel insurance


Perfume, perfumed cosmetics, nail polish, detergent-smelling clothes (your sense of smell will improve with the detox), snacks, alcohol, drugs and/or other items that could disturb your, or the others' detox.

We provide you with the towels you need.

Finally, travel light. You won’t need much in the way of clothes or shoes. Also, check the weather report for the area to get a better sense of things.

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Skype: cristina.olive.retreat
Call: +66957875293 Cristina
          +66830602184 Ray

Take great care, bring all your questions about health, what ever they might be.

See you all very soon!

Cristina and Ray

Olive Retreat | Body Detox Guide

Body Detox Guide

Know what healthy means to you, and be it.

Your body is the best pharmacy you'll ever have. Unless you're suffering from a severe illness, no expert in the world can know better than your own body what it needs to be healthy, or what health is for you. 

Download:  PDF  |  EPUB  |  MOBI (KINDLE)

Olive Retreat Mind Vegan Cookbook Chef Plant Based Vegetarian Recipes

Plant-Based Cookbook

Recipes to transform fresh food ingredients into the most nutritious, beautiful and tasty meals possible.

Olive Retreat food has been described as awesome, amazing, incredible, nurturing, and art.

Download PDF File  

008 Mind Detox Dialogue

Our talks are based on 8 non-principles.

Download PDF File