Pre-Retreat Guide Thailand

We're so glad that you're coming to visit us in Thailand 🙏

Below, you'll find important information for you to download, read and print before you come. Our area is a perfect destination for short visits as it doesn’t require any special vaccinations than the common ones, but in any case please check with your local vaccination clinic and your health insurance provider if you have one.

HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE - print and bring to Cristina

Please print the health questionnaire, fill it in and bring it to the retreat. We need it for your health assessment when you arrive. If you have any allergies or intolerances, or if you take more than 3 medications on a daily basis, please let know beforehand.


Download your Health Class material (Mind-Body Health Guide and the O8 Mind Detox) for free until the first day of the retreat.

During the stay we will offer daily classes, in which we use the Health Guides. You can bring them on a device or print them before departure. If you can start to read them before you come that’s great but not necessary.

Olive Retreat | Body Detox Guide

Body Detox Guide

Know what healthy means to you, and be it.

Your body is the best pharmacy you'll ever have. Unless you're suffering from a severe illness, no expert in the world can know better than your own body what it needs to be healthy, or what health is for you. 

Download:  PDF  |  EPUB  |  MOBI (KINDLE)

008 Mind Detox Dialogue

Our talks are based on 8 (non-)principles. Bring your questions, no themes are censured or wrong or right. We work with an open mind to understand and figure “it” out.

Download PDF File

Plant-Based Cookbook

Recipes to transform fresh food ingredients into the most nutritious, beautiful and tasty meals possible.

Olive Retreat food has been described as awesome, amazing, incredible, nurturing, and art. We wouldn’t go that far, but it’s for sure healthy and the best food for Homo Sapiens that can be offered with the local produce.

Download PDF File  

Olive Retreat Mind Vegan Cookbook Chef Plant Based Vegetarian Recipes


  • shoes for walking, hiking, running, or for lounging about

  • clothes for chilling, yoga and exercise

  • good sunglasses and hat if needed

  • head lamp

  • swimsuit and sun cream 

  • good reads, phone or device to watch a recommended videos if you wish (we have some too)

  • earplugs if you are sensitive to noises

  • natural mosquito repellent (citronella is OK)

  • the downloaded Health Questionnaire filled in

  • light sweater for chilly mornings and for AC on the transfer bus

  • proper clothes to visit temples ( we need to cover shoulders in temples) 

  • cash for extra massages if you wish, or for other purchases during your stay

  • pen and paper to take notes

  • as many questions as you might have

  • personal health or travel insurance if you wish

  • Light rain jacket if you come in summer. Check the weather report for Hua Hin, to get a better sense of things. Depending on the season it might rain but it’s never cold and it never rains for long. If you get caught in the rain most likely you are dry by the time you arrive (I don’t have one :)


  • perfume, perfumed deodorant, creams or cosmetics, nail polish, smelly hair shampoo, conditioner or other products with smells

  • detergent/softener smelling clothes. If you bring this anyway, we'll have to rinse them to enhance your detox and health.

  • snacks, alcohol, drugs and/or other items that could disturb your, or the others' detox. If you need to smoke you can do so outside the venue (Cristina will help you quite if you wish so)

  • no towels needed. We provide you with that too.

  • Travel light, you won’t need much in the way of clothes or shoes. Most people bring far too much. If you get the bus transfer they allow one suitcase or you’ll have to pay extra. 

For the Chakra Detox Classes

For those that are ready for a deeper cleanse at the Chakra Detox classes; please bring a headlamp/phone with torch, a small hand mirror, a preferred natural massage oil (face and body) and/or preferred essential oil, a sketch book, an amulet of any sort that you love and carry with you (it could be anything).

If you want to join a Vedic Art class you can bring your favourite (non-smelly, non-toxic) water based colours or buy what you need at cost from us (€5). 

Please bring your devices to download tests, and for reading or taking notes. Apart from that we let your family and work know you are busy.  Also, please make sure to bring problems of all sorts, including unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression, anger and despair. We love them all.


- The final payment is due 10 days before arrival and we will mail you all the information and the different payment options. Thailand is a cash country so if it works out for you we appreciate the payment cash too.

- One massage is included to enhance your detox. More can be provided payed in cash. If you know that you would like more let us know. There are different massages to choose from to a cost of 300-450 Baht $10-20. 

- If you can ride a scooter and would like to rent one let us know to arrange it for about 300 Baht a day + gas.


A transfer by bus from the airport to Hua Hin and taxi from the station to the retreat is included in the price. We will arrange it as soon as we have your travel details. It takes about 4h depending on traffic.

After you collect your luggage go out and walk to the sign saying EXIT 8, take the escalator down one level, and you'll see the counter for busses to Hua Hin. Present yourself at the counter and show the ticket we will mail you. You will get a sticker on your shirt and be asked to wait in the hall until you are called along with the rest of the passengers to the parked bus 10 minutes before departure. At least the drivers love their AC so you might want a hoodie to stay warm on the bus.

If you arrive late (after 18.00 pm) or you prefer a private taxi car, we can arrange that for you too, to an additional $50-60 approximately.  


You will fill out a Visa slip on the flight to hand to the Thai Immigration upon arrival, and you will need our address:

KTG/Olive Retreat, Hat Sai Yai, 74/22, Khao Tao, Nong Kea, 77110 PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN

If your flight is late we appreciate if you could let us know as well.

What’s App: +34 619120195 (Cristina) / +66830602184  (Ray)
Call: +66957875293 (Cristina) / +66830602184  (Ray)

Take great care, bring all your questions, what ever they might be.

See you very soon!

Cristina, Ray and the Thai team 💚