Orange Almond Cake

10 minutes to make and 10 to bake.

If you have a sweet tooth it can be sweetened more with dates, agave syrup or honey. You can use any nuts or a mix of them, make variations like adding lime, coffee, cacoa, a bit of brandy, or any other taste you'd like on the crust or cream.

  • Almonds (300 gr for 4 people)

  • 1-2 bananas

  • Orange juice from half an orange

  • Cacao powder

  • Coconut oil and milk

  • Fruit

Mix or grind the almonds into a flour, and mix with banana, the orange juice and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Bake it about 10 minutes until a crust is made at 150-160 degrees and then let cool. Mix the cocao powder, coconut milk and a half or a hole banana depending on how sweet you want the cream and spread it on the crust. Top it with any fruit you like that´s in season.

Both healthy and sweet - enjoy!