The Best Way to Get Rid of Anxiety

Traumatic stress expert and psychiatrist Dr. Besel van der Kolk, describes how yoga and other slow, stretching postures like Feldenkrais can get our childhood traumas once stuck in our bodies, to dissolve. In medical studies yoga and meditation work better than any known antidepressant drug. He means that children don't have memories to relate to and understand traumas so the emotions get ‘stuck’ in our physical body. This is not a new knowledge. Jung and Freud wrote about this physical response to a trauma, and in holistic medical treatments the de-blockage of traumas in our bodies is key for all healing. There is always a mirroring in the physical body to the energetic one and vv. 

Traumas can block our fluids, intercellular communication, and other necessary functions which could lead to stiffness, pain and disease as grown-ups. Think about stress. When you relax your body can do things that you can't when you are tense and stressed, and the it's the same with organs that might have some blockage. Ayurveda, of which Yoga and meditation is an important part, would explain this as blockages of Prana in the chakras. Other ancient traditions would describe it in other ways, as inhibited Qui or life force.  As a yoga teacher I can clearly see what parts of the body people are blocked in. It is the best way I know to detox and dissolve physical blockages even if you don't know or remember what 'blocked your energy' in the first place. As soon as you get a regular, silent, slow and aware practice of yoga, things start happening. How slow, how silent, and how regular depends on what fits You. Read more.