A question from Lollo on her way back to London

She just arrived home after a week of pure healthy living in Thailand at our loved Oshram where the deers, peacocks and butterflies roam freely. Our herbs and plant-based food had freed her cells from the worst toxins and the twenty four hours of fresh air had oxygenated her blood. The twelve hour flight back to the UK gave her time for reflection and planning. She had lost 3 kgs and felt better than ever after only a week. No migraines, no pain and not even constipation, her life struggle. She made a weekly schedule and tried to fit all the things she had learned into it. Realising there wasn’t enough time, she sent me a message in desperation wondering how she could possibly stay healthy and keep up her "normal life”?

This is the question she sent:

  • I can’t fit everything in, so what is the most important for me now?

I had heard that question before. I answered as I always do:

  • How important is your life?

If you want to feel like you did at Olive Retreat, you can’t continue living that “normal life.” You have to change things, people, jobs, comments, habits, patterns, culture…whatever it takes for you to LIVE. If you chose not to make changes that’s OK, but then you won’t be confused or worried when you get a migraine, fight with your mum, or feel like crap after a night out. You’ll know why, and maybe the benefits of that previous life are so great you’d rather be normal than healthy. It’s up to you and your body to decide.

If you chose to enhance life (Prana) Ray and I can help, but you can’t have both. If you chose the later there are far better teachers than us as I know noting about the hip places to go or the most popular cosmetics and fashion.

Oh, and by the way, my normal life consists of yoga every morning, breathing fresh air, skipping all forms of toxins in my body, and eating vegan. That’s normal to us 🙂

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