Feel f' Real


Feel for Real is the method we use to get to know our needs, observe and understand them, make friends with them and ultimately love them and the Self they represent. It’s a method we use in all we do, a practice that has long been forgotten and oppressed in our society. Distress and eventually disease is the result of this oppression, and the reason FEEL F’ REAL was created. It’s not about being mindful but about being body-ful. it’s only when we allow the body to be a body again, that we can communicate with both body and mind to find what’s best (read healthiest) in each situation.

It’s being observant and conscious in the feeling. Here is where meditation comes in handy, which of us is not about sitting in a certain position or in the “right” room, but an ongoing process as life itself is. There’s no single moment, but more a sustained being, and as such the result of our meditation and yoga is to see between all the sittings and asanas into, oh look!

We use different techniques to understand the intricacies of our denial, and writing has proven to be a successful method, though other techniques are there for the choosing. What works best for you works best for us and you’ll get a chance to try it out at our retreat.

We love writing and a few of our publications can be seen here. The latest fiction, Butterfly Man, is a beautiful collaboration written by Ray from the manuscript of our guest John McInroy who wrote extensively about a healing journey that began at Olive.

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