He had been a hero. A warrior. Someone who would without second guessing, without consideration for his self, jump into the gunfire or house fire. A soldier in the Army (12 years), and later a fireman in the Fire Brigade (11 years) he did all the heroic things most of us can’t even imagine, until his body had had enough. Mind over matter is not always the best solution.

The pain eventually caught up to him until it reached a point of almost making life itself, movement, daily living, impossible. Pain and the pharmacological attempts to treat it got the best of the “best man”, the super hero of Hard Man-society. Hit by conscious and subconscious memories, he couldn’t take it anymore. Vertigo. Insomnia. Pain. Anxiety. Depression. PTSD.

By the time he stumbled upon us he hadn’t slept well for years. Why, he wondered, and the energy of this question propelled him on a journey that would eventually bring him to our jungle floor after having tried all the conventional solutions.

Never afraid to question. Never afraid of the learning that might evolve, he brought a near infinite query with him to Thailand, and after one week on the O•live program, and then another of a more refined program, a yet a third week of a new and unpredicted dialogue, the question was resolved in an enhanced awareness of the body’s mastery of communication. He finally started to understand his best friend (his body).

Listen to your body. Everything you ever needed to know is there.

At Olive the questioning process itself becomes fun and even thrilling, never heavy or limiting. Opportunities abound and we always point out that no one is a better expert at us than our own bodies. What we learned during his visit was to perfect a dialogue with the body, listen to it, understand what it (body and mind) really are, a physiology and vibration (mass and energy are equivalent), what they were telling him, or trying to tell him in their limited ability to speak our man made language.

After a while he implemented everything he learned in his life by himself. We simply did as we always do. Every morning we started with stretching our bodies, and then after a healthy breakfast, but then he would jump on his bike and go to places that would trigger his anxiety, first with whomever was around to join, and then by himself. He used the methods he had learned to feel the fear and learn how to leverage it toward greater and more profound truths. He would learn to feel how his lungs were his best friends, air his medicine. His heart followed them and so did he.

Poco a poco, little by little, he - like so many of us - was able to do all those things that he hadn’t been able to do since the traumas hit his life. Even better, things he hadn’t even dreamt were possible. In the end, he figured it out!

And so will you!


One thing he did during his weeks at Olive was this.

tony olive Thailand picking plastic