When he came he hadn’t slept well for years. His goal was to figure out why. He had tried everything, but nothing had worked. He brought all his questions, stayed for a second week and did the program again, all the classes included. He stayed on for a third week to implement everything the first two weeks had taught him. Little did he know that all along he carried all the answers inside his body. Little did he know that the questions that seemed so important would vanish into the morning mist and in the rising sun he couldn’t even remember why he had them or where they had come from.

All the answers were there. Questions became fun and thrilling, not heavy or limiting. We always point out that no one is a better expert at us than own bodies. What we taught him was to listen to his body and understand what both the body and the mind really were and what they were telling him, or trying to.

He came for one week but stayed for three, two doing the program and the third his own thing. He implemented all he learned in his life. Every morning we started with stretching our bodies in yoga and then after a healthy breakfast he would jump on his bike and go to places that would trigger his anxiety. He used all the methods he had learned, and little by little he managed to do all those things that he hadn’t been able to since the traumas of life, as a soldier in the Army (12 years) and as a fire man in the Fire Brigade (11 years).

In the end, he figured it out!

Now it’s just a practice of good habits. He knows what to do. And he knows what will happen if he doesn’t do his healthy practices, too.

He did this.