Kicking Kale Chips

Kale season is here, and as it usually comes in abundance we often try to find new ways to consume this fibrous and highly nutritious veggie.  

Here is a recipe for some of the best kale chips I have ever made, and works like a charm when wanting my 4 year old son to ingest this valuable treasure from mother nature. 

These kale chips are both easy to make and delicious enough to substitute the chips craving of anyone. 


Roughly 2 L kale, rinsed from the thick stem, placed in bowl. 

Mix in blender to a creamy consistency; 
1/4 dl olive oil
1 dl pumpkin seeds ( activated if u wish) 
2 tsp quality salt
3-4 tsp Spices of your choice
( I like Cajun mix, Italian herbs, or just plain cayenne/chipotle) 
1/2 dl Water

Pour the creamy spice mix on top of the kale and roll your sleeves up to give it all a firm massage during 1 min. Feel the fibers softening while your hands get tired ;) 

Place on a baking paper/ dehydrating teflex and place in either dehydrator at 41C or in regular oven at lower temp ( with an open oven door to evaporate humidity). Keep the chips inside until completely dry, usually 4-6h. 

Enjoy, and don't forget to invite your friends and family :)