Warm Winter Salad

Warm salads was something I started doing when I lived in Sweden and wanted to have my green leaves but not eat raw. When your body signals that you don't do good on cold raw food in winter, you shouldn't eat cold or raw. You can still do salads, but warm. Basically you just stir fry, steam or bake vegetables and mix them with fresh lettuce leaves and something that will give you the protein you need. This is one of my favourite with an Asian touch. 

- Mix different types of lettuce or other green leaves. Use the tops of carrots, beat root and all other green leaves too as they are much more nutrient packed than the roots.  

- Warm up olive oil in sliced garlic, ginger and a pinch of turmeric and black pepper. Add sliced sticks of carrots, spring onions (never waste the green tops), green peppers, fresh beat root, apples, cucumber, and chilli if you like it spicy, and let it warm up by stir frying it, but don't let them get soggy.

- Lightly roast fresh peanuts

Mix it all together just before serving so that the leaves stay crispy. Add Tamari soy sauce and lime or orange. Top up with sesame seeds or any other protein dense seed or nut.