Design Your own O·team

Bring your people to us, or our people to you. We have taken O·live’s to Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, England, Spain, France, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and would love to continue giving from what we were given. An O·life can be lived everywhere and anytime. The one word that would best describe what you get from us is, Life.

The other would be, Inspiration.

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Our method is simple, clear and it works. We call it the Feel f’ Real method and it will take you to what you want, and we mean to what you really want. We promise. The question is not if, but when. It can’t be described with words, you have to do.

Healing is a journey and we need a travel guide.
— Cristina

We have served groups and individuals at Yoga Studios, Kick-off’s, birthday events, multinational marketing events, fundraising events, human rights events, at hospitals, at a prison, in churches, temples and even at a ministry.

We have spoken at weddings and at funerals, hosted groups from organizations with specific objectives and groups lost with no specific objectives.

People and animals of all walks and talks, but they have one thing in common, they want more Health* (we say O·) in their lives.

  • Workshops - 30 minutes-3 hour workshops to get a teaser of an O·life

  • 1-4 full days - get a practice and the questions answered

  • 4 or more days - do the full O·live program to get the best kick start into a life where you feel really alive.

O·live Workshops are typically offered by yoga or meditation teachers to their students, or by a company to their team. It can be a 3 hour workshop to fully understand the 8 limbs of Ashtanga, the auto-corrections to feel how one does the Asanas, a sum up of Eastern meditation techniques and a yogic vegan lunch full of protein and micro nutrients.

Or a cooking event with a deeper understanding of, for example, the Yoga Sutras applied to food, Ayurveda and Tantra, or the different meditation techniques used to create healthy eating.

O·live full days could be weekend for a management group who aspire to crack the “code of awareness” or a kick-off for a team who has had too many sick leaves. A full retreat of 7 nights will give your group a full practice to be continued back home.

  • Feel f’ Real is our method used in all we do to create awareness in all we do. In Yoga & Meditation it is a contemporary adaptation from the old scripts to bring new awareness and spill over outside the practice. This method offers a totally new energy with a sense of calm and gratitude.

  • We explain the real meaning of meditation (from Latin meditare), and how it has been done over the centuries around the world, not just the Eastern Theory. It is not about sitting in a certain pose and stopping the thoughts. It’s about detox!

  • You’ll try different Creative Meditation and by the time we are done you will figure out problems you might have had for years. We’ll show you how it comes to you in silence.

  • The O·live Body Detox is not only about food, the healthiest you can find, but to understand why it is, and how to handle it. You will fully understand that what you eat will create your body and mind.

  • The O·live 8 Mind Detox Dialogue is the inspiration for the Mind Detox program. It is based upon well established conclusions from the physical and social sciences, and roughly correspond to ancient Buddhist teachings, on as many as 8 meditative stages, of Jhanas.


Yes, you simply bring your group to our facilities and use our local knowledge and resources to hold an event that suits your objectives. It’s easy. More.

I like my colleagues now...amazing :)

Check our program, pick your choices and create a detoxing event in any destination. We offer three example platforms, corporate, group and family — each optimized to leave participants with healthier, more energized and happier bodies, and more creative, peaceful minds. Inquire about your personally-tailored O·live Retreat, and let us review habits like exercise, food, breathing, the health of your domestic or working environments, the use of household chemicals, fabrics and coatings, beauty products, and pretty much everything else that can be reviewed from the health perspective.

Olive is creative within the smallest of margins making a healthy lifestyle extremely easy.
Fantastiska dagar! Vilket team, vilket underbart koncept, tack Ray och Cristina. Vi ses I Thailand :)
WOW! What an AMAZING week, I have loved every moment. This has been life changing for me, enlightening in many subjects. It was DIVINE!
— Deborah

Evolve. Learn. Love.
Enjoy. Heal.

When Cristina said the best gift we can give our kids is teach them how to cook it clicked. She is so right.
— Claude
Vegan Cooking Workshop start at the market

Vegan Cooking Workshop start at the market

Yoga event to practice auto corrections

Yoga event to practice auto corrections

I did it :)
Who would have thought...
— Glen
Hiking at Sierra de las Nieves

Hiking at Sierra de las Nieves

Event for an Insurance Broker in Spain

Event for an Insurance Broker in Spain