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detox + yOGA + MEDITATION + sleep + exercise + PRANAYAMAS + dialogue

A healthy lifestyle starts with learning and understanding yourself, and your unique needs in a society that isn’t very healthy. Over 100,000 artificial substances have been introduced the last 200 years, of which some will cause more or less havoc on us. Most of these can be detoxed. The method is easy. We call it Feel for Real.

Over nighty percent of our guests change one or more habits after a retreat, and eighty-two percent stick with their new habits even after a year. Do you know of better results? We honestly don’t. Read what guests say.

 Miracles happen when you become vegan

100% Outdoor Experience 

We do all the normal healthy stuff like yoga and plant-based whole food and meditation and exercise. That’s easy, but we go further and think air, sleep, movement, touch and much more to support your detox and wake up you up to the full potential of life.

We have planted Neem trees and herbs, constructed an open Oshala and Prana-Pods. Every drop of air getting into your lungs and every herb will be as clean as we possibly can provide it and very drop of water will be as close to the source as we can get it. It matters, and your detox will speak for it’s self. You (and others) will notice it in your eyes, your skin your movements and your mood.

In the process of creating the ultimate detox for you, we have become more beautifully minimalistic and freely less dependent on stuff, asking ourselves in the process - what do we really need? Really? If you’ve read this far you will sooner or later ask that question too and the more you get rid of the more you’ll respect your nature (body).

 Morning at the O-shram. The animals from the National Park visit us when they feel safe. This particular deer comes at night and early hours.

Morning at the O-shram. The animals from the National Park visit us when they feel safe. This particular deer comes at night and early hours.

It is important to give some emphasis to this point. Some might say “WHOLEness is only an ideal, toward which we should perhaps strive.” But this is not what is being said here. Rather, what should be said is that WHOLEness is what is real, and that fragmentation is the response of this whole to man’s action, guided by illusory perception, which is shaped by fragmentary thought.”
— David Bohm - one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century

When was the last time you thanked your feet, your hands, your lungs?

In choosing a life of less, and in discovering our natures or our biochemistries, creativity is a great energy source for finding amazing and often unconventional (innovative) solutions to fit the contemporary world. In Thailand the climate allowed us to skip the walls, both metaphorically and literally, and opened a new world in the process. A world of embraced (e-)motions and health.

Some would say that our personal health could be defined in terms of how much “mass” we carry , and how willing we are to understand what it is to be a living creature in general rather than just humans in particular. We will never be healthier than the Earth we share. We start by our own nature, i.e., our bodies, and to not take it for granted any more.

FEEL F' REAL - to detox your “karmentum


the health retreat FOR THE SOUL (TOO)

Everyone knows that vegetables and exercise are good for us, right? Nothing new. The question to ask is rather - why don’t we do what we know is good for us, why do we harm ourselves by eating crap and smoking and sitting still and drinking and… Read more.

Imagination loves to be reformed

Think. Where did many of the great NGO's, mind blowing books and positive historic changes come from? Probably many of them out of 'bad' feelings of anger, pain and suffering. So don't let the feelings go, don't forget them. Bring them to us and let them burst out through your creativity to be observed, felt and ultimately understood. Who knows where your creativity will take you?

After the retreat you have the option of a 3 month Feel f' Real Program to coach you and your creativity into action.  You craft your creative ideas into a form that suits you. Our Karmentum is simply memory. To detox it we need to remember it.


SUPER-COLORFUL DETOX - creativity is the first solution


PLEASE Ask us anything

A Chakra detox is designed to explore our inner healing powers through the ancient methods of the Vedic and Tantric traditions. Once again, it’s so easy to do when you know how. Our terminology might be ancient but our understanding is the latest in neuroscience, quantum physics, microbiology and psychoneuroimmunology. We can detox and enhance our energy, or life force (Qi or Prana) by using specific Yoga postures, acupressure and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Our Karmentum can be considered memory manifested as the I, in which case we are simply memory and our bodies the most corporeal form of it. You might not remember your great grand dad but your body remembers him quite well, especially if you have his nose. We take several other forms than the body form, and some of them can’t be seen and some can even be questioned whether they are “us” or we are them, like the microbiome. We have 10 times more cells from microbes than we have human cells. Who are we, really?

Karmentum is evolution. To detox it we need to remember it, feel it and allow it to be liberated when and if it doesn't serve us anymore.

Evolutionary Memory + Human History = Karmentum.

We learn to understand and benefit from forces we all have in us, such as the kundalini force. You will observe, and as a result, dissolve karmic loads toward enhancing your health and life force (Prana) and Purpose (Karma), and more amazingly that of your loved ones too. If we understand the universe correctly, this applies to your life in all its temporal manifestations. Fascinating isn't it? And you don’t een need to get high or take Ayahuvasca!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t change your Karma or even our common Human Karma, because changing our Karma is also your Karma.



"Müssten wir das Olive Retreat in einem Wort beschreiben, wäre es wahrscheinlich: Großartig!"

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