Either conscious or not?

I'm not.

What I am, I am not sure.

I'm evolving, sometimes quite unsatisfactorily, to be honest,

I'm not this or that, here or there, now or then, or when.

I'm fluidity.

I've moved about 5,400 kilometers around in the sun in the last few minutes I've been writing, with all those billionths and trillionths we talk about below happening.

But conscious, I'm not.

I'm spinning around the earth's center at 465m/s (1020mph) while orbiting the sun at 30km/s (67,108mph).

Still with billionths and trillionths running the show.

I'm more or less, maybe, but not either-or.

I've moved about 41,400 miles (at 230km/s or 514,495mph) with the solar system around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way since the few sentences above, while billionth and trillionthing.

I'm many things, but either this or that finite, that's categorical thinking as it's called, and I'm not either or of either of them, or.

I'm billions and trillions of millionths and billionths of billionths and trillion trillionths spinning and falling.


Either and or when put together in that order are bad words. You shouldn't say them at the dinner table, or around elderly people, or young children.