"Take this unique opportunity to enjoy a week of health with your whole family"

Daily exercise, meditation, health classes, delicious, healthy food,
and plenty of time to enjoy the Spanish countryside with your family.

Discover Health

Know Your Body, and Trust Your Body. At Olive Retreat, you'll learn how the body and mind work, how they are connected, and how to align them for you and your family to experience better health.

WOW! What an AMAZING week. I have loved every moment from Saturday to Saturday. This place has been life changing for me, enlightening in many subjects, especially food!
— Deborah

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The staff, the food, the place! Absolutely A-MAZING!
— Claire. Retreat participant, U.K.

Detox for Joy

"Our bodies and minds are the best experts and pharmacies we and our families have."

Olive Retreat has developed a method based on modern science and ancient theory to help you become more aware of your choices, and live more healthily and happily.

Diseases, allergies, worries, pain, sleep problems, general low energy, obesity, anxiety, depression, power struggles, etc. These types of symptoms fade away when you and your families become healthier. 


  • 7 nights accommodation in premium room (2 adults and 2 children)
  • Round-trip transfers from airport (contact us for special flights deals)
  • Health assessment for adults. Children can participate for nominal additional cost
  • All meals: clean, real, vegan, no gluten, no refined food (we assure you that you´ll be satisfied!)
  • Daily availability of snacks
  • Unlimited herbal tea and water
  • Daily health classes + One-one sessions (kids do mini olive classes)
  • Cooking classes adults see above 
  • Optional: all-liquid day(s)
  • Daily yoga and exercise in the beautiful Spanish countryside
  • Daily meditations (guided and non-guided)
  • Facial with all natural ingredients
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Plenty of time and space to relax and enjoy
  • Recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health based on your Ayurvedic Dosha)
  • Post-retreat follow-ups
  • Health booklets for adults
  • Daily "mini-Olive" classes for the children to enjoy.
  • Once-daily combined family session for those who are interested. Examples such as: bread workshop, meet the horses, adventure treks. Age dependent.


27 Feb – 5 March, 2016
7 days / 7 nights


5 families


A gorgeous, restored villa in Southern Spain.

Olive Retreat Mindful Meditation Yoga Retreat

No matter how much experience you have with health, yoga, or vegetarianism, you will gain a huge amount from an Olive Retreat. 

You'll see how a clear mind and fit body provide the best foundation for making the right long-term health choices.


Billing in British Pounds
One Adult: 1850£ (24100 SEK)  
Two Adults: 1450£ /person (18880 SEK/person) 

Age 0-2: 145£ (1860 SEK) Shared bed, kid menu
Age 3-12: 220£ (2825 SEK) Own bed, kid menu
Age 13+: 425£ (5450 SEK) Own bed, adult menu 

Children have a special agenda during adult practices. For ages 3+ your child will have their own bed located in the same room.

Questions, contact us cristina@oliveretreat.com


Daily Schedule

Timing is loose and all activities are optional

07:30 Yoga
08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Mind Body Health Class
13:00 Lunch
14:00 – 17:00 Free time, massages, facial, one-to-one, walks, special activities, etc.
17:00 Mind Detox Dialogue
18:00 Exercise
19:30 Dinner
Evening Activity

Everyone is welcome. We have worked with people who were focusing on many topics, including:

  • Nutrition & cooking
  • Fitness & exercise
  • Meditation & meditation recovery
  • Yoga & stretching
  • Breathing correctly
  • De-stress & relaxation
  • Career & life choices
  • Anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness
  • ADHD
  • Weight-loss & obesity
  • Lack of energy
  • Food allergies & sensitivities
  • Inflammation, disease & disorders
Olive Retreat Spain Mindful Meditation Retreat Yoga Vegan Juice
I promise to take the knowledge + inspiration you have given me + use it to make some important changes in my life.
— Kim

Your Olive Retreat will combine a variety of activities customized to be accessible to you and your family, and tailored to your needs. We offer detoxing yoga, exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, stimulating dialogue, games, and Olive's famous all-vegan food with spices and herbs.

These work together to boost your metabolism and much more.

Everything we do is designed to enable your body and mind to cleanse naturally, in a way that is best for you. For example, not everyone is suited for an all-liquid detox, intense meditation or complicated yoga postures, but together with our team we find what is the most efficient and gentle process to produce the best results for you.

Bring Health Home

An Olive Retreat is just the beginning of a healthy, vibrant life. You and your family will have the opportunity to try it all and the freedom to pick the parts you that will fit into your life once you get back home. That's why an Olive Retreat offers a follow-up program included in the retreat price, through which we keep in touch and work with you after your departure.

Soulful food, beautifully wild surroundings and lots of love and support – Thank you for helping me to love and find myself.
— Daisy from Condé Nast Traveller
Truly an amazing experience. Feel great and calm.
— Pauline

It has been the shortest and the longest week in a while - filled with the most delicious food (my diet and kitchen will be forever transformed) - safe guidance and support and a world of knowledge.
— Coco