Sisters in Arms

For men or women, this is a perfect day to be Sisters in (hugging) Arms. Imagine how it is to be Mothers, Sisters and Wives. Play the role of a caring wife, a helping sister, and a hugging mum. Understand her to be her. Bring out your feminine and pair it with your masculine, this is beyond the physical and goes for both gender. It's a very good, and for some a very hard, exercise even if it's only for a day. You'll clearly see what stops you from being healthy. Nothing gives us as mammals a quicker boost to the immune system than to be Motherly caring and kind, for all involved. Active compassion towards others and oneself has been the best "medical prescription" for mental and physical health when studied. Hostility and fear do the opposite.

There are few things that are as unhealthy as to be a tough, meat eating and bear drinking Macho Man. Patanjali knew this 3500 years ago:  "Being firmly grounded in non-violence creates an atmosphere in which others can let go of their hostility."

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