Feel for Real

Simplified, Karmentum can be considered evolutionary memory manifested as the I, in which case it’s most effective to see ourselves as memory and our bodies the most corporeal form of it. You might not remember your great grand father but your body remembers him quite well, especially if you have his nose. We exist in many forms, depending upon your perspective, and many of them are so abstruse that it can be questioned to what extent they are “us” or we are them, like the microbiome for instance. We have 10 times more cells from microbes than we do human cells. Who are we, really?

We are 7 billion-billion-billion atoms,[vi]

We are 37.2 trillion cells,[vii]

We are 70,000 to 90,000 protein parts in every cell,[viii]

We are 10 million biochemical processes happening every second, in each of the 37.2 trillion cells,[ix]

We are 100 trillion bacteria,[x]

For every gene, we are 100 bacteria genes.[xi]

Do we even exist? Well, here is where you learn to answer that question by feeling, and for real. Or in other words, how to acknowledge and feel, truly feel, all the versions of you, i.e., all your feelings. The good, the bad, the happy, the excruciating. All of them. All of them are necessary and all of them are legitimate, both in your cells and in your mind.

Your feelings are part of you and exist whether you want them to or not. Feelings have been instrumental in the evolution and survival of the species, so ditch the let go, and other cliches. You can’t, and you don’t want to.

Feeling is the most elaborate form of thought.

We’ll explain why you want to grab on to those feelings and feel them even more to get healthy, but also how to distinguish between those you are better off cultivating, and those that are perhaps not worth any additional investment. We call it the Mind Detox Dialogue, and combined with many other amazing methods we have learned from both old and new sources, you’ll get a dose of the latest available, and without any contrived molecular structures.

We don't discard the impetus. We rather observe it. Supported by a deep body detox and informative dialogues and modes of thinking that help you find creative ways to bring your health home with you and take it everywhere else you go. That’s called Feel for Real (FfR) and you can do it whenever and wherever you want.

I don’t think I have ever respected myself. Now I can start loving every part of myself and what did it take? Not even 10 minutes. This is freaking amazing :)))
— Max

When the word is mightier, the healing is greater.

The Feel F' Real method builds awareness in you, by you. We focus on taking your health to the next creative level so you can discover and release your truth(s) through creative acts such as art, entrepreneurship, activism, industry, education, family, etc. Whatever your creative outlet is, we support it.

"I have learnt so much about myself: started to listen to my body again, question the opinions I have picked up along the way, reengaged with my love of music and literature..."

At a Feel f’ Real retreat you will learn to feel and express what before you couldn't, and in doing so heal the deepest of wounds.

Butterfly Man is the result of epic collaboration between Ray and John McInroy, a guest whose visit to us in Thailand resulted in a 77,000 word manuscript Ray reduced to one-sitting read. It was launched 2018, now available at  Amazon.com

Butterfly Man is the result of epic collaboration between Ray and John McInroy, a guest whose visit to us in Thailand resulted in a 77,000 word manuscript Ray reduced to one-sitting read. It was launched 2018, now available at Amazon.com

Feel f' Real is bringing it out and putting it into form. Observing and understanding. Giving birth to the active and creative person we all are but sometimes need to rediscover.

It’e not a question of right or wrong, but a question of what you feel. All feelings are important, so let them come. Only the actions springing from those feelings exists to be framed in a historical context as good or bad, or appropriate or not. Think. Where did many of the great NGO's, mind blowing books and positive historic changes come from? Probably out of feelings of pain or suffering. So, don't let the feelings go, don't forget them. Rather bring them on and let them burst out through your creativity. If you wish we offer a 3-month Feel f' Real Program to coach you into action following the retreat.

I started a whole new series of paintings and I love them.
— K
To be honest, I’m excited to build something that is so good for the environment that no one has heard of, that is also profitable. But i just want to orchestrate it all, sort of like a conductor. Putting all the puzzle pieces together. The possibilities are so wide and endless and I like the idea of getting the word out about all of it.
— J

Whatever your reason for coming is, all expression is healthy, so join us and Feel for Real at an O·live Retreat. Who knows where sleeping under the stars, stretching your Vagus nerve, eating ripe mangoes and watching sunsets from on the mountain will take your creative activities and inspiring ideas. Who knows to where waves and jungle noises will lead you.

My dream is to make my week with Olive worthwhile for the Colombian world through a charity I just launched! I would like to share with as many people the experience that has taken me into a road of thought and insight (consciousness I would say) and make it not only attractive and easy/accessible but a basic necessity for all!
— Caroline

Hope is Indefatigable

"But it felt right, and yet I didn't know why. It looked right, but I didn't know why. In those moments I didn't know, I could only FEEL, and what I felt was a small, very slight tingle of hope."

This is an excerpt from the book Butterfly Man launched in 2018, and written by Ray (aka Emile Raymond). It's a mixed genre work in which John McInroy who came to Olive in 2016, captures his suffering and feelings of frustration and emptiness. It's a good example of how huge suffering and pain can be turned to even greater healing and ultimately action to deal with the source of the pain in the first place.

IMG-20171114-WA0001 (1).jpg
You told me to write, so I did
— John

O·live has helped people to change the following areas:

I resigned, I’m selling the house and I’m signed up for the course. I don’t know where I would have been without you. Thank’s for saving my life, now I’ll try to save others.
— Julia
  • Human & Social Entrepreneurship

  • Responsible Consumerism

  • Creative Arts

  • Sustainable Architecture

  • Change towards a Helping Culture

  • Compassionate School Curriculum

  • Human & Animal Care & Rights

  • Creative Writing & Publishing

  • Caring & Helping teaching (kids and adults)

  • Health Democracy

  • Peaceful Activism

  • Equality of Gender, Race, Religion & Lifeforms

  • Cleaning beaches of plastic

Ray and John going through the final touches on  Butterfly Man , launched in 2018.

Ray and John going through the final touches on Butterfly Man, launched in 2018.

"Old Ropes are best Yanked Free of"

'Creativity is the greatest act of rebellion.'  We owe the world our miracles, our creativity, our unique take on experience and the crystalization of that into something beneficial for ourselves and others.

"In being creative we have a chance to imagine and craft something no one else can claim responsibility for, and this requires dismissing all the previous claims.

The courage in this, should there be any, is that we no longer have anyone to blame."

Can’t wait to see how our paths cross in 2018. I just touched down back in NYC. Back to the real world, but I feel I bring so much more to the table. I’m armed with so many new insights. I’m excited for the future!
— Joe
Many of our pictures were taken by Joe Azzaro. See his amazing pictures on Instagram  @thesunrisebreakfastclub

Many of our pictures were taken by Joe Azzaro. See his amazing pictures on Instagram @thesunrisebreakfastclub


Daily Schedule at O•live

This is a retreat aimed to help you feel for real and convert that feeling and positive energy into change. How we each come to that point is very different, and therefore we have within our structured classes many different exercises, techniques, methods and movements to help each participant feel into action. This is how a day at our retreat could look like, but in the end your body sets the rules.

Activities are optional. If you come to relax and sleep, then that's what you need. If you want to write, that's what you should do too, or paint or sculpt or build - but we do offer these loose timings if you want to join us:

07:00 Yoga/stretching with Acupressure points, Pranayamas & FfR Meditation to relax and enhance your energy.
08:00 Breakfast - a protein boost for the hungry, a pleasure for the body and the mind.
10:00 Health classes to the Creative Level - Make friends with your body, get out of the box and into action.
13:00 Lunch - from nature to nurture with all the spectra of light from the source, to connect to your own nature (body).
14:00 – 17:00 Free writing time/massages/sleep/one-to-ones/walks & hikes/special activities/do what you want.
17:00 Class - O•8 Dialogue to figure things out, make friends with your mind, snap the rope and scribble it down.
18:00 Exercise/Yoga get your Adrenalin out and dopamine in, over the mountains, into the forests or the sea, on beaches.
19:30 Dinner to calm our senses and prepare for the beauty(full) sleep under the stars to the lullaby of the jungle.
21.00 Evening activity - we hang out, see a movie or go for a guided tour into the subconscious. 

Timing is loose and weather dependent. 

"By MAGIC I mean a man pulls a rabbit out of the hat and everyone is amazed and no one knows how he did it, but one thing is clear. Where before they were silent, bored, sleepy, tired, lost, worried, frustrated and sick, they are now staring amazed at the scene before them, and the scene before them, is, quite simply.

A belief.

The scene is, look around you."

I can’t begin to explain how inspired and re-energised I am. Today we started a Research and Development Group in the office to take our existing sustainability expertise to the next level and really start educating our clients and encouraging them down this route. We have some great ideas and have an opportunity to be truly innovative and help lead our industry. Thanks for this!
— Lindsay
The O·Land, in the village of Khao Tao, 3 hrs south of Bangkok is our venue in Thailand. Next to the jungle, 4 minutes from the beach and 5 minutes from the village, it's a perfectly situated but not excluded venue. (The photo was taken by Joe Azzaro. Follow him on Instagram @thesunrisebreakfastclub)

The O·Land, in the village of Khao Tao, 3 hrs south of Bangkok is our venue in Thailand. Next to the jungle, 4 minutes from the beach and 5 minutes from the village, it's a perfectly situated but not excluded venue. (The photo was taken by Joe Azzaro. Follow him on Instagram @thesunrisebreakfastclub)

Creative-Active Transformation

The program Feel for Real starts with a 7-day Body, Mind & Chakra (cell-thought-energy) detox retreat using the FfR methed, followed by an optional 3-month online dialogue. You will be taking an active part in your own life. The program is based on modern science and ancient - often forgotten but fantastic - methods to heal and transform your discomfort into tangible acts of hope. From that physical and mental healing comes creativity and action. If you want to capitalize of that newly found energy the 3-month program should be considered.

These are some basic components of the healthy lifestyle underlying great acts of creative energy. 

Integrated feelings felt for a clear purpose

Meditation for Real Feeling


Mediation is the fast track to the unencumbered self, to an inside, tactile view of our own Karmentum. It's healthy, yes. It boosts our immune systems, sure. It raises our energy levels, of course. It helps alleviate or eliminate the fear and/or anxiety or depression that living in the old world brings. But better than all that, it leads us directly into our dreams.

We go into the creative self with a variety of pro-active focussed and creative meditations, all designed to help us see through the illusion of separation and the illusion of ancient form, and modern fear.

"The concept of Karmentum did it for me. How can I thank you enough?" - Mary

Feeling so alive and full of love, thanks my friends.
— Suzy

Yoga & Breathing for Real Connection

Think of it as stretching the inside and outside of you. Yoga brings your body into the creative realm in a natural and healthy way. It’s not a work-out, it’s a work-in. One soft touch of Cristina’s fingertip, merely noticeable, will spur the awakening of your cells and guide you to feel a body you were forced to leave at an early age. Her touch makes you realize what is you, and what you need to exist, really exist.

A flexible body is our natural state of being. That’s what our bodies want to be, so it’s more likely to be a boundary-breaking body, an open body, an idea body full of energy and creativity.  It's more than a physical exercise. It's one of the greatest acts of rebellion. Bringing your body back to you. Own your extension in time and space. Feel it, every second, every breath, and beat of the earth.

We start the days with sunrise Yoga (but can do yoga any other time, too).  All levels of experience are welcome, from beginners to intermediate and even advanced. 

All sessions are followed by breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation. Extra afternoon sessions are offered for those who want.

"Can you believe I do yoga, and I love it. I found a perfect group next to my home. None of that bullshit look good yoga, just regular yoga" — Daniel, 6 months after the retreat.

Man. You guys are so cool. One day I’m gonna be like you.
— PK
The liquid days help you get ‘in touch’.

The liquid days help you get ‘in touch’.

Real Food for Epic Energy

Food is the main ingredient to a pure expression of yourself, simply because you are made of its molecules. We serve a delicious, homemade, nutrient-packed, plant-based diet as nature produced it (non refined) without sugar, gluten, yeast, etc., because this is the best way to eat, and the best and most healthy detox you can get. You won't be hungry, tired or sluggish. You'll feel when and what makes you vibrant and you’ll be more alive than ever and picking up on your environment like never before. You'll glow at the end of the week if not half way through. Clearly noticeable by others when you go back home.

We teach you to read your own nature, your body, to restore and maximize your health and creativity. You will be delighted by the food, we promise. Read what the media has said.

The best food week of my life.
— a food critic from the Independent

Dialogue for Real Answers & Questions

You have questions and we have more questions. And that's what makes us so unique. We aren't afraid to question any convention, custom or habit and in that we find our best and most potent creative self.

Observe your fear.

Each day we choose a beautiful place and engage in stimulating dialogues about topics as varied as the science of nutrition to what thoughts hold us back from experiencing contentment and peace, energy and creativity, love, hate, literature, culture, the universe, you think of it, we done it.

Hectic and rad.

Old problems require new solutions and we believe in the importance of discussion for leading us to our own unique and deeper truths. One thing we can promise with all the self care over the week - you'll figure it out. 


"Now suddenly it all makes so much more sense. For the first time in a long time I feel I can do things I always dreamed of." — Susan

As a yoga teacher I thought I new my body but o’boy was I up for a re-think. Amazing retreat. Life changing. Thank you so much 🙏
— Eva
I can’t believe I slept the whole night. I haven’t done that in 2 years.
— Mary

Feel Real Exercise

We aren't after any medals. We don't compete. We feel our bodies as we exercise in amazing and natural ways. Our hearts and respiratory systems, hormones, our micro-biome, it all comes alive and not by breaking any records, but by feeling the possibilities.

We integrate exercise in all we do so that you won't even notice that you are doing it. We bike, we hike, we climb, we run, dig holes, walk, swim, whatever.  Up the mountain, up a tree or two. We explore the temple on the hill, or the church in the village.

We walk around the lake to the evening market, run at the beach, or swim after morning yoga. Whatever you like is what you are going to do. We help you find out what you like and without even realizing how you’ll feel strong and healthy one day.

Real Sleep Perfection

Sleep is detoxing, more so when the air is fresh from the sea, and the mountains. The lullaby of the jungle cicadas, ocean waves and the distant village life is uninterrupted.

Thailand is the prefect climate for living and sleeping outdoors. We have created Prana Pods for the perfect sleeping experience. Every night you feel a slight breeze, and every nuance of it cascades through our high strength, lightweight design. You won't miss a breath, a sound, a subtlety. This will bring you back to your own nature, your body. Nothing stands between you and nature but a few millimeters of sturdy mosquito screen.

The inner sleeping unit slides out for amazing moon and star gazing on the many strikingly clear nights, and when it rains, slides back in. You wake up by the song of the peacocks at sun rise. The functionality of the unit allows shaded space for naps, yoga, meditating, reading, hanging out, or surfing our high speed internet.  

The feel for real concept is all we need, really. It should be taught in school and all violence would stop.
— Tom
I have no idea what got me to book, but I’m so glad I did. I feel alive again!
— Maria

Get Healthier

O•live has helped people in the following areas:

  • De-stress and relaxation

  • Performance

  • Creativity

  • Self-care and kindness

  • Career and life choices

  • Nutrition and cooking

  • Fitness and exercise

  • Meditation

  • Yoga and stretching

  • Anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness, loss

  • Addiction

  • Weight-loss and obesity

  • Food allergies and sensitivities

  • Inflammation, disease and disorders

  • Relationships; getting in and getting out

  • Breathing correctly

  • Living and seeking the 'truth'

  • Life planning

  • Coaching


Ask us anything

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Thank you for the most amazing time this week. So much has changed and I’m so excited to get started on making my dreams come true! It’s all so amazing!
— Bill

I loved nature from before, I knew that, but at Olive I learned to love myself.
— Jana
Ray’s books are amazing. I want everyone to read it (at the office) and I’m gonna ditch the ties. Keeping the shoes for now...
— Daniel after reading the Hippipreneaur

Sunset at the beautiful beach Sai Noi, just a skip through the forest from us. Here is where we sometimes do yoga, swim, meditate, walk, our just hang out. Climb the rocks and go through the temple and you get to the larger beach in Khao Tao. Both are amazingly free, never crowded and perfect for contemplation and creative silence (except the peacocks, wild roosters, monkeys and other creatures rights activists.

All is Included

It's just easier that way, for both you and us, so please consider that when you compare prices to find your retreat.

  • 7 nights accommodation (150 meters to beaches in Thailand)

  • Round-trip transfers from and to the airport (bus) and to an additional cost we arrange a private car

  • In-depth health assessment (Health Questionnaire is sent once you are booked)

  • Daily Body health classes + Mind health classes

  • One-one sessions, as many as you want

  • Cooking, detoxing drinks and smoothie classes

  • Health booklets, Cookbook, Yoga book and more

  • Daily Yoga/streching classes + Meditation + Pranayamas

  • All detoxing meals: clean, real, vegan, no gluten, no sugar, no refined food (don't worry, you won't be hungry!)

  • Daily availability of detoxing snacks and drinks

  • Staff 24/7

  • All-liquid intermittent fasting day(s) and digestive flush, if suitable for you

  • Daily aerobic + anaerobic exercise in a beautiful nature

  • Daily meditations + techniques (guided and non-guided)

  • Daily pranayamas and meditation techniques

  • Time and space to relax and enjoy and laugh

  • Personal recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health based on your Ayurvedic Dosha and needs)

  • 2 months back-home support

  • A little gift to remember your stay

  • Discounts on future retreats and events


Another day in paradise.
— Dan M.