Post-Retreat Resources

We hope you arrived home safe and sound with a few new ideas on how to improve your health. Below you will find our literature again as well as some new stuff to support the classes and knowledge that ultimately we learned from others and merely passed on. Remember that in the quest for a healthier life there are no principles (#1) and our recommendations are only just that, recommendations. Ultimately your body will always have the best answer. Observe it and care for it. It’s your best friend.

If you have questions please let us know. Sometimes our recommendations sink in and questions arises with time. We are happy to help as much as we can, by email, chats and booked Skype calls at cristina.olive.retreat

Also…We love hearing from you, see how you are doing, whether you follow our recommendations or not, we always care and appreciate your choices and how you chose to live this amazing thing we call life, a miracle (⌗3) and a process (⌗2).

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Protein Boost Bread

Many ask for a healthy bread recipe. You find it in our old brochure or in the cook book below.

The Olive Retreat's super-easy, high-protein, gluten-free bread recipe. It’s very forgiving and can be done as a flat bread or as a loaf.


Olive Retreat Health Guide Vegan Vegetarian Healing Remedy Guidelines

Body Detox Dialogue

Know what being healthy means to you, and be it. This book is to support your quest for a healthier you based on many years of trial and error and loads of theories.

Your body is the best pharmacy and doctor you'll ever have. Unless you suffer from severe disease, your body knows best, so trust it and practice listening.

Download:  PDF  |  EPUB  |  MOBI (KINDLE)

Olive Retreat Mind Vegan Cookbook Chef Plant Based Vegetarian Recipes

Plant-Based Cookbook

Recipes to transform fresh whole food into the most nutritious, beautiful and tasty meals possible. Healthy for you and healthy for your Earth.

Olive Retreat food has been described as awesome, amazing, incredible, nurturing, and art.

Download PDF File  

008 Mind Detox Dialogue

All our talks are based on 8 principles described here to help you "figure it out".

Download PDF File

Illustrations done by Dan Braha, SOS Media.

Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation Book | Olive Retreat

Ashtanga Yoga Book

The Asanas described step by step in this book are for your technique and the study of Yoga, but remember that Yoga (like anything else) is about your practice. All practice is better than no practice and it's not about a perfect postures, it's what happens in you aiming and trying to get there. So rather than reaching your toes, feel what happens on your way there.

Vegan Pantry List | Olive Retreat

Vegan Kitchen Pantry List

Use your creativity to find the combos you like. If you combine - grains/beans/rice - you are more than safe on the amino acid (protein) intake.

Nuts and seeds for the fats and for more protein. Have some raw (green leaves is a must) and some cooked veggies, fruits, and don't forget the spices and herbs that I call medicine, for the micro nutrients. Concentrate on the micro-nutrients, we seldom get to little of the macros.

Pranayama Yoga Breathing Exercises


Here are the Pranayamas you learned (I know, the picture is lousy, but believe me, it’s better than a video of me doing them ;).

The numbers in the image correspond to the maximum amount of breaths you do when you have practiced for a while.

To start with you do as many as you have time for and feel good doing to.

It's always better to do something than nothing. These amazing breathing techniques are taught by many great schools.

Your body is your best friend, so get to know it again and love it. It always pardons you and as soon as you take care of this best friend, you will discover it is the best doctor and pharmacy available to heal you. 

Good luck, take great care and hopefully our paths will cross again in another amazing cycle of Karmentum before they spiral away into other's paths on its journey through the universe.

Always here for you

Los O de los olivos 


The classes/consultations offered by Olive Retreat Nutrition and Health Advisors are not intended to replace a medical diagnoses, treatment or relationship with your health care providers.  Our classes/recommendations are not intended as medical advice. They are intended as a sharing of knowledge and information about a healthy lifestyle, from our education, research and experience. The information and service provided is not used to prescribe, recommend, diagnose or treat a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for medical care. If you suspect you or any other person may have a health problem, you should consult your/their G.P. before the consultation or class.